Jesus Is The Lamb of God

Sunday April 24, 2011

Offering Message: Text: Mark 4:20. Your money is not your seed; it’s your faith behind your giving. Sow the seed in your heart and give in obedience to God. Your confidence should be in the Word. Do you want to see a 100-fold return? Communion: I Cor. 10:16 The bread represents the Body of Christ, and the Cup of Blessing represents the Blood of Jesus Christ. The Body of Christ is one. Acts 2 says that they were in one accord. Satan likes to divide. When anyone in the Body does not fulfill his/her part, the whole Body suffers. Sin breaks us up, and the communion table instills unity. The point of agreement with the whole Body of Christ is the Blood of Jesus Christ. Sermon: John 1:29 Behold, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world. I Peter 1:18, 19- Know that you were redeemed with the Blood of Christ, as a lamb without blemish or spot. The Jews disagreed about resurrection. The Body of Christ does not agree on everything either, but the non-negotiable is the Blood of Christ and its power. You cannot buy or earn or work for your redemption; it is only grace and faith in Jesus’ blood. Do you realize the sinfulness of sin and its consequences? His blood was the price paid for the sins of the world. Do not hide from God when you sin. I John 2:1. God takes us as we are, but He does not leave us the same. The purpose of His grace is to get you out of sin. In reality, we sin, but we have an Advocate- Jesus! He is our lawyer. He does the talking for us, when we are accused by our sin. He is the propitiation for our sins; God’s wrath was poured out on Jesus, not us. Propitiation means the one who receives the penalty. Jesus paid the price and took the punishment for our sins. Don’t take the punishment yourself! Jesus was our “whipping boy”. We put Jesus on the cross. Surrender the worst things to Jesus, and He will turn them around. I John 1:7-10 As we walk in the light, He gives us more light to walk in. When we are in His light, we are forgiven and cleansed, and Jesus argues our case. God wants us clean.