The Shepherd – part 2 – Jan 4 AM

Sunday January 4, 2015

Stop the devil and get back what he has stolen (John10:10, 11). People need to discover the enemy, and it is not God! The only reason Satan comes is to kill, steal, and destroy. Jesus only came to bring life. Jesus gave His life for His sheep. The hireling does not have love for the sheep. Love links us and sticks even if the shepherd does not have ability. When Jesus was on earth, His work was teaching, preaching, and healing (Matthew4:23, 24; 9:35, 36). That is the general work of the Gospel. Although Jesus ministered healing, the people came to hear. The devil is the wolf who tries to scatter the sheep. People need a pastor, a shepherd (Numbers 27:16, 17). Do you have a pastor in your life? The anointing comes through the pastor. Get angry about what the enemy does. A lot of your life is also about what you hate. Hate sin and the devil. The pastor is to get in-between the wolf and the people. You need a pastor who prays. Pray for protection for the little ones. If you want abundance, realize Jesus brings you abundant life, so go to Him. You must get under teaching, preaching, and healing.