Healing – Is It God’s Will to Heal Today

Sunday January 17, 2016

When we ask anything according to His will, He hears us. Then we can know that we have what we ask (1 John 5:14). Luke 5:12, 13 is about Jesus being willing to cleanse the leper. Jesus is always willing, but the hindrance is our lack of faith. We are told in Isaiah 52:14 – 53:5 that Jesus bore our sicknesses and diseases (incorrectly translated “griefs” in some translations), and carried our pains (sometimes translated “sorrows”), and by His stripes (wounds) we are healed. Matthew 8:14-17 says that He healed all who were sick, and quoting Isaiah, he wrote, He took our weaknesses (infirmities) and bore our sicknesses. First Peter 2:24 notes that He bore our sins, by whose stripes we were healed (past tense). He already provided for our healing. We enforce His Word in our healing. We take it. Acts 3:1-10 is about the lame man who was healed in the name of Jesus Christ. He did not just stand, but he leaped, praising God. The Greek word for “saved” is sozo, meaning physical healing, deliverance, well-being, and more. It is by the name of Jesus Christ that the man was made whole (Acts 4:8-12). There is no other name under heaven that is given among men by which we must be saved. Christ redeemed us from the law (Galatians 3:13). What does that mean? Deuteronomy 28:16-68 are the things that are curses. [They are the curses we have been redeemed from.] We are to go and preach, and those who believe and are baptized will be saved. There would be signs to those who believe, such as laying hands on the sick, and they shall recover (Mark 16:15-18). If you are suffering, pray for yourself. If you are sick, call for the elders of the church and let them pray over you and anoint you in the name of Jesus, and if you believe, the Lord will raise him up. The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man makes great power available. We need meekness of heart to believe and receive. The humble get the grace.