Integrity of God’s Word – part 7

Sunday November 25, 2018
Pastor Sydney Ropp mention that he cannot make us want to receive. He(Lord) is the rock of our salvation . It is important that we take a hold of what the word says. When you look at the word through culture things tend to get slanted. Pastor Sydney read from Psalms 119:162. Spending time with the Lord should be a joy and not a drudgery. If it is a drudgery you should stop and ask the Lord to check your heart. What is it that form your beliefs? Allow the word to transform your beliefs be transformed in His word and not to the world. Line the word with word. We don’t abandon one calling for another.
Zack Armstrong  mentioned that it is good to try and find common ground. Acts 17 and Mark 10:17.Our culture does not follow biblical beliefs. It is important to find common ground and engage the person. The best argument about abortion. Our culture loves science. Is it life and where does life begin? Life begins at conception? The formation of the zygote formation of the egg is the formation of the human being. In this case science is on our side when it comes to the definition of when life begins.
Pastor Sydney read from John 10, why abortion is wrong. Proverbs 6:16, seven things that despises the Lord.Pastor Sydney read from Isaiah 59:2Psalms 139:13,Exodus 21:22Jeremiah 1:4, and Luke 1:15.