How to Pray Like a Mother – May 10

Sunday May 10, 2015

Ephesians 5:17-20 tells us to not be unwise. (The Greek language used a double negative for emphasis.) We are to understand what the will of God is. If you do the will of God, you will not have to focus on trying to be holy. We are to make melody in our hearts to the Lord at all times. How do we do that? We do it by being filled with the Holy Spirit. Prayer is a lifestyle. It is being with the Lord all the time, dialoguing with Him. We are to give thanks to Him. Prayer is like a rudder. Your tongue is a rudder, because you go where your words take you. In 1 Samuel 1 we see the result of a praying mother. Before Samuel was conceived, Hannah prayed and made a vow to the Lord. Although the priest thought she was drunk, she was praying in the Spirit (1:9-16). Why did Israel transition from prophet to king? Israel prayed for a king. Why? Because there was no one praying for what came after Samuel. Hannah prayed a selfless prayer, praying by the Spirit’s leading. Apostle Dale shared about his mother praying for his salvation and his praying with his grandmother for a Russian believer. Prayers are never lost. God collects them and pours them out. Prayer directs destiny and directs us into the will of God. Do not live in a house that prayer has not built. Apostle Dale related about meeting a Ukrainian four-star general, who did not look good in a report, but when Apostle Dale would pray, this general would keep coming up. He asked, “Lord, what about him?” We need to trust the Holy Spirit in prayer. God sends you divine appointments. Apostle Dale met a Muslim in Crimea and after about three hours of talking with him about Jesus, the other man said, “I believe god (God) sent you to me.” Look for God. When you have divine appointments, do not let them go. Keep in touch with them. Before Apostle Dale and Teri moved to Moscow, he met a Russian pastor from Moscow in Tulsa. God put them together. Dale asked the Lord to give him an idea for a gift for him when they were in Moscow, and He told him to get a book on Ronald Reagan. It was exactly what the Russian pastor wanted. Prayer will open doors. Galatians 4:19 says that Paul labored in birth pains until Christ was formed in the Galatian believers. Praying is giving birth to salvation and to people being established in the faith. The character of Christ is formed in prayer.