How To Live By Faith – part 3

Sunday February 24, 2019
Apostle Dale Armstrong read out of Hebrews 11:1. Faith works on hope. Hope comes first. Faith is not hope. Recognize faith. Learn how to live in faith. The fist thing is that satan wants to pervert you imagination. Apostle Dale John 15:7and Mark 11:121) Jesus spoke to the problem. 2) He spoke the end result.

3) His words are at work in the unseen realm. Sometimes healing takes time. Apostle Dale read out of Romans 4:17 and mentions that denial is not faith. We are taught to speak to the problem. Do not waiver. Faith is of the heart, you have to renew your mind. Your faith is deliberately applied, believe that it will come to pass. You want to find where your faith is, role of desire, and understand release. Forgiveness, we got to stay clean and keep our hearts right before the Lord.