Heart and Treasure – Desire and Your Thoughts

Wednesday August 18, 2010

Heart and Treasure” (offering message) Listen as Pastor Dale shares experiences he had obeying God concerning giving money that made huge changes in other people’s lives and how Church of the Word International was named. King David’s “biggest sin” was when he allowed Satan to tempt him to number Israel (take a census) and because of his pride 75,000 people died. He (King David) gave money to buy a threshing floor in order to stop the plague. Your treasure reveals your heart. “Desire and Your Thoughts” Sermon: Text: Col. 3:1, 2. Jesus is no longer on the cross (dead), but He was raised (alive), and so are we. Don’t seek the world and what it has to offer, but put your eyes on Jesus. Who owns your heart? God deserves it. You control your thoughts and desires, and when you desire the things of God, that desire will separate you from the past. How do your create your desires? (Prov. 18:1) By controlling your thoughts through: 1) exposure (getting in the right environment); 2) associations (eat, drink, sleep that desire); 3) meditation (early in the morning and again before going to sleep). Set your affections above and imprint the things of God on your mind.