Grace, part 2 Authority – Learn To Say No

Wednesday November 10, 2010

Grace(Offering message)You had nothing to do with becoming righteous (II Cor. 5:21); you just have to respond to God’s grace. You receive, not achieve the Lord. After you are saved, then you do the works. Eph. 2:8-10- anything that leads you to boast is not grace. Titus 2:11 tells you that the grace of God teaches that you should deny ungodly and worldly lusts and live soberly and godly. Titus 3:5-8- salvation brings you to works. You are righteous, and you can do righteous works. I Peter 2:24- You are saved, even when you do not feel saved. You are healed, even when you do not feel healed. Your foundation is grace, and faith carries salvation on. Sometimes all you need to do is to receive. II Cor. 8:9 tells us that through grace, Jesus became poor, so that we might become rich. There is grace for you to be saved, healed, and made rich. You give, not out of dead works of sowing and reaping, but because you know all your needs are met. Authority (Learn to Say NO!)In Mark 1:22 the scribes were astonished at Jesus’ teaching, at what He taught. He taught and demonstrated His authority. Use your authority against thoughts, demonic spirits, compromise, sickness and disease, even the weather (Jesus rebuked the wind.). Reject those thoughts and speak in the authority of Jesus’ name. Say NO! to thoughts of depression and don’t want to be depressed. Speak the Word into whatever you need. Matt. 21:21-22,43- You do not ask the mountain to move. You SPEAK to it. If you do not use your authority, it will be taken from you. Pray in faith, not in fear or it’s like trying to get to Philadelphia on the turnpike from here by going west. It is not going to happen. Speak what you desire.