God’s Word is Medicine

Wednesday November 4, 2009

Prov. 4:20-23; Ps. 107:17-20; Matt. 12:34-37;Mark 4:14-19. You must “keep” (protect, guard) your heart. God’s Word is medicine (health) to your heart, and it goes to healing the flesh. Sickness is always from sin, from Adam’s sin on. Jesus Christ came to destroy the curse of sickness. Your words reflect what is in your heart; you must give account of the idle, non-operative words your speak. Fill your heart with the Word of God, because prosperity and healing begin in your heart. Meditate (mutter, repeat) the Word like in the negative you might worry. MAKE THE WORD FIRST PRIORITY IN YOUR LIFE. Satan comes after the Word in your heart to stop your prosperity by putting affliction on you. The Word will produce according to your heart condition. How do you heal the human spirit? Pull out the “weeds” (deceitfulness of riches, lusts or pressures, cares of this world.) Renew your mind- change the patterns of your mind. Control your thoughts with the Word. Pastor Dale shares a testimony of extreme depression and anger that he needed to change in his life.