God’s Not Done With You Yet

Wednesday September 1, 2010

You can be confident that God, who started a good work in you, will finish it (Phil. 1:6). Finishing means taking the imperfections and rough edges off. Col. 2:6 indicates that you are to walk in Him as you have received Him. How did you receive Him? You received Him by believing and confessing Him aloud. Philemon 6- our manner of life becomes effective by acknowledging (identifying and affirming) every good thing in yourself. Identify and affirm the way God made you unique. What is your curriculum in Him? What’s He teaching you? God feeds you what you need in the local body. Col. 2:6 also teaches you that you must be rooted and built up in Him, which are two different and yet parallel directions. What’s another form of confession? Thanksgiving- it’s a witness of victory and a form of confession.