God’s Looking For You

Sunday September 12, 2010

Main texts: Ps. 139:23-24; Ps. 34:18-19. Other scriptures: II Chron. 16:8-9;Ezekiel 22:30; John 4:22-23. What is a broken heart? In Ps. 34 it refers to a heart that has been “tamed”, like a horse that has been broken to a bridle, bit, or a saddle. It’s when your heart becomes useable for God to move through. God “broke” Jacob. God is not the author of griefs and sorrows, so when He prunes and “breaks” us so that we become humble, NOT HUMILIATED, it’s so that we can bear more fruit. He wants to deal with your heart, so He can give you more. When you’re in trouble, your heart is the problem. Pressure reveals the heart problem. REPENT. It allows Gods to draw near to you. God wants revival, healings, and miracles, but He can’t unless there are people of a contrite, broken heart. #1 He needs people to stand in the gap on behalf of the land. That’s prayer and intercession. #2 He wants us to worship Him which glorifies Him. It takes work! The problem is lukewarm Christianity.