God’s Authority and The Man of God

Sunday September 20, 2009

Ray Hurst and Warren Thomas shared their testimonies early in the service. Pastor Bob, Pastor Dale, and Pat Denlinger gave words. Pastor Dale stated what the Lord told him: If you thank Me for what I did in the past (a specific miracle), I will do it again. Pastor Dale preached on God’s authority. Order comes before increase. God is stitching the body tighter together. The good shepherd (pastor) gives his life for the sheep; he is a servant of God, not man. Pastor Dale told of a missionary who would not submit to the spiritual authority in the man of God over him, and how to cost him his life. How does God use authority? He uses it to fix the abuse of authority and to bless. (Ps. 2:1-3) Where does authority come from? It comes from relationship. To whom do we submit? We submit to the Word of God, to our elders, and to the anointing. Don’t confuse the anointing with talent. The “head” is the source of supply, and the anointing comes from the “head” down.