Prophecy Conference: First Evening – Silence – Feb 2

Monday February 2, 2015

(Song: Lord, roll me out to get the lumps out of me.) Everything that is done by the Spirit should honor the Lord. The greatest thing is to be alone with God. God made us in His image. Carry a pencil and paper to write down what He speaks. God has a voice. When someone refuses to get alone with God, they are saying that they do not want to invest in themselves. Silence does not mean God is not speaking. The problem is that He is trying to get us to listen. God’s nature is to reveal Himself. Brother Ron shares many revelations that God has given him about silence. Silence is the invitation to hear the voice of God. It is not silence people fear; it is hearing God that they fear. Silence is the teacher calling people to serve. Hitler was a preacher, but he preached the wrong message. He studied mannerisms and how to influence people, but it was demonic. Silence does not shout from the stage, but whispers from the side. Silence invites participation. Silence is the dessert. God had to keep Jesus’ death and resurrection a secret. Why did God send a flood? Satan was trying to produce a different DNA of mixing angels and humans, which would have prevented Jesus from coming through man. Stay in the Word, and let it wash you, and it will change you by the level of consecration. Silence brings about discovery. Silence’s twin brother is solitude. Silence is when your heartbeat matches God’s. Silence is a canvas where God paints His thoughts. Silence helps the mind focus and the heart soar.  Silence brings worlds together. Silence asks for permission to speak. God wants to know if you can be nudged. God never walks in the shadow of Satan. Satan only counterfeits what is real. David had five stones, because he planned to kill Goliath and his four brothers. If we are silent in these last days, we enable man to speak. A sign gives information and points you to something. Do not walk by what you see, but by the Spirit. Spend time with the Spirit, not quenching or grieving Him. There is a sword coming, trying to quiet the preaching of the Gospel. America is sick and weak. We need to wake up and do something about it! We are only alive if we stay connected to God. There are no coincidences in God’s kingdom. If you are walking with God, you will look different. Brother Ron shared different connections confirming God’s voice to him.