Faith Pleases God: Respect Faith

Sunday November 14, 2010

Heb. 11:1, 6. The faith that pleases God is the life of faith. Pastor Dale tells about trying to please his grandfather in keeping his large garden weed-free. After about three years, he found that it is easier to please his grandfather and do a good job if he respected a weed-free garden. You must get a hold of respect of faith. Your life depends on faith. It does what nothing else can do. It is a substance; it’s real; it’s evidence of what you cannot see, and you can know when you do and do not have it; it’s a force, like gas in a car’s gas tank. We are designed to live by faith. How do you step out in faith? Step out on the Word. Choose the way of faith. Share what God is doing and spread faith. God is pleased when we move in faith. People need the ministry of faith more than they need money. We need an environment of respecting faith. When it’s a challenge of faith, you don’t need wisdom; you need to act in faith. Know when you need wisdom and when you should step out in faith. God’s power is conducted with faith.