Faith: Love Meditating on the Word

Saturday March 1, 2014

Speaking God’s Word satisfies you (Proverbs 18:20-21). Your words carry the power of life or death. The people who love His Word will eat its fruit. Pastor Dale told of how he loved football practice, whereas others on the team didn’t but only wanted the lights and action of the Friday night games. We have to love “practice”, the daily time with the Father, His Word, and the confession of it. We “see” by what we hear, because words carry visual images (Mark 4:21-26). Sin brings darkness, and darkness is a lack of the Word; the Word is light. Love the process of meditation on the Word. There is power in it. Meditating on the Word is like sowing seed, like the practice for the football games. It’s a process of life. Blessed (favored by God) is the man who doesn’t walk, sit, or stand where he shouldn’t (Psalm 1:1-3). Sometimes you are blessed by what you don’t do. Don’t walk in ungodly counsel. Good is not necessarily God. Correct your course, or you’ll get in a place where you’ll have to justify your course. Love the Word and love meditating on it. Take heed how and what you hear. Start where you are. It’s a process of planting (Psalm 1:3). If you love the process, you’ll love the harvest. Meditate on the Word for the Word’s sake, not to get some result and apply kingdom principles first.