Faith In The Blood of Jesus

Sunday December 9, 2018

Pastor Jay Stoltzfus  talked about the faith in the blood of Jesus. Pastor Jay mentioned that we can increase in faith and read out of Romans 3:21. Have faith in His blood. We are born into this world under that nature of sin but, when we get born again we have to get our thinking according to the Word. Pastor Jay read out of 1 Peter 1:2, your mouth is your hyssop today. You can by faith speak the blood over your life. The Holy Spirit can’t go where there is no blood. There is not a thing that the blood doesn’t cover. Pastor Jay read out of Hebrews 10, the law is just a shadow but, we are not pursuing it. We are to pursue God. We need to get to where we are God conscious. Sacrifice happened once. Sanctify means set apart. You condemn yourself with your own mouth. God wants relationship. Combat your thoughts, you are going to live past your feelings. Your focus should be the identity in Him. You start meditating on God it will clean you up. The blood of Jesus is what will get you out of it. God is on your side because the blood has been applied.