Enlarging and Strengthening in a Time of Shaking

Tuesday August 30, 2011

Even in times of shaking, whether earthquakes and hurricanes in the natural or things in the spiritual realm, God’s grace protects us, and even then He expects us to keep our vision. God’s kingdom is drawing near. There may be a time when the government won’t have the money to help all those people on welfare. What the government can’t do, the church can do, and it needs to do so much more. Is. 54:1-2 says it is time to enlarge the place of your tent. Make is bigger, and don’t spare or slack off. Strengthen what you have. Pray and God will show you what to do. To people in the dark, too much light blinds them. Stand in the gap for the lost and for your family. Praise God; it stops the devil. Everything is in the process of change. We have the power of God in us. Draw the lost in by the love of God. There are “King Cyruses” for your project, and where God guides, He provides. Praise God. Throughout the service, Mary spoke prophetically to various people. Keith and Mary ministered in prayer to people in ministry and business.