Speaker ‘Mary Hudson’

Repentance Couples Moving in the Prophetic

Wednesday August 31, 2011

Keith and Mary gave a word to the congregation (hurricane). Pastor Dale told about what Keith had said earlier about a church that was preaching that there is no hell, and in that congregation of 5,000 people, only three people had a Bible. Don’t leave the Word of God. The Word records His nature, His character, and His will for our lives. His Rhema Word is where He takes the Word and breathes life in it and applies it to your situation. It’s what you read in the Word (Logos) and what you experience (Rhema). Get into the Word and the Spirit of God. God saves the best for last. Mary gave a word to Pastor Dale and Teri and the church here. We are called to a missionary work in which whole groups will go. Get up and take what you get here. Keith shared about the hunger to know God, even when he was attending a famous Jewish designer’s party. The anointing in you is always reaching out to others. There’s always someone wanting Jesus in a crowd. The anointing is so powerful because God loves people. We’re living in the days of manifestation, and God has saved the best for last. God wants to hear your heart. The key is repentance (Acts 3:19 and 20), and it’s not a negative word, but it is healthy and clean. We must be able to say, “I’m sorry. Forgive me.” Repentance is a huge part of salvation. Repentance causes change and removes sin. Learn to adapt. Repentance always brings time of refreshing, and it sends Jesus. Saying you’re sorry helps you become more tender. Keith and Mary prayed for and spoke over couples wanting to minister together prophetically. Keith encouraged the congregation that others are watching us, regardless of their outward attitude towards us. Seasoned people need to support today’s generation.

Enlarging and Strengthening in a Time of Shaking

Tuesday August 30, 2011

Even in times of shaking, whether earthquakes and hurricanes in the natural or things in the spiritual realm, God’s grace protects us, and even then He expects us to keep our vision. God’s kingdom is drawing near. There may be a time when the government won’t have the money to help all those people on welfare. What the government can’t do, the church can do, and it needs to do so much more. Is. 54:1-2 says it is time to enlarge the place of your tent. Make is bigger, and don’t spare or slack off. Strengthen what you have. Pray and God will show you what to do. To people in the dark, too much light blinds them. Stand in the gap for the lost and for your family. Praise God; it stops the devil. Everything is in the process of change. We have the power of God in us. Draw the lost in by the love of God. There are “King Cyruses” for your project, and where God guides, He provides. Praise God. Throughout the service, Mary spoke prophetically to various people. Keith and Mary ministered in prayer to people in ministry and business.

Love That Can Change Your Family

Sunday July 25, 2010

Keith Hudson shared his testimony of how a tongue-praying “seasoned” woman brought God’s presence of love to him when he was a hippie and how he was born-again and transformed. Your love for people will save them. Don’t close the door on your family. Pray for them. Forgive their sins and love them. Jesus saved us and forgave us in our sin. Keith and Mary ministered to the 17 to 25 year olds and to several individuals and couples.

Yes, Lord

Saturday July 24, 2010

Matt. 9:27-31 is the account of Jesus healing the blind men. When asked if they believed that He could heal them, they said, “Yes, Lord.” Saying yes causes things to move in your life. Your yes is actually faith. According to your faith (your yes), let it be done to you. The yes must be in your spirit and will get you through things. [God doesn’t go to the past to get your future. Forget the past.] Keith and Mary ministered prophetically to the church body and to individuals and couples in the congregation.

Our Mouths and Our Words

Friday July 23, 2010

God has new things for us, so don’t get stuck in the old ones. Ezekiel 12:23, 25 says that the Lord speaks and that word will come to pass; He speaks and He will perform it. This is a time to declare and decree His word over people, places, and things. A decree is a decision. Keith encourages us to decree God’s word for whatever we are believing for. We are God’s mouthpiece. Is. 44:6, 7. Listen to what you are saying, and when you listen to what you are saying, ask yourself if you would be saying that. Get a prophetic word for yourself, your ministry, or whatever needs direction. Ps. 50:23 “… to him who orders his conversation aright, I will show the salvation of God.” Ask God to forgive you for your words, and then discipline your spirit man to line up your words with the Word (no negative speaking, complaining, and murmuring). Angels want to be involved with our words, but those words must be in agreement with God’s Word. Get rid of the cobwebs of sin – wrong speaking. Set things in order. Ask God for a word for what you need and make it a prophetic declaration. Keith and Mary ministered prophetically to the church body and to individuals and couples in the congregation.

Prophetic Conference Part 4

Saturday January 9, 2010

Keith Hudson tells the testimony of his salvation experience and how much God loves us. Get God connections in your life. Is. 48:6, 7 says that God has made us hear new things, even hidden things. Revival is now, waiting for you to move into it. What does it take to hear and see the new things? It takes God’s anointing. The congregation’s eyes and ears were anointed with oil to receive the seeing (and hearing) anointing.

Back To The Hand of God

Thursday September 17, 2009

Keith and Mary Hudson speak prophetically about the time we are in. God is sending His hand back to the church to deliver the church out of the hands of man and back to God. In I Chron. 21:13 King David said that he would rather fall into the hand of God than the hand of man. God is releasing a wholeness anointing. Put everything into the hand of God. Keith and Mary ministered prophetically to many people in the congregation.

Seeing Revelation

Wednesday September 16, 2009

Keith and Mary Hudson are from Oceanside, California. They ministered the Word and the prophetic. They released an anointing for God to open our eyes so that we can see through the eyes of the Master. Instead of information, we are at a time when we need revelation, the seer anointing. An anointing was released for businesses and finances. Confirming prophetic words were given to many people of all ages in the congregation.