Encountering Islam Part 4

Saturday October 6, 2012

Islam is an anti-Christian and anti-Jewish system. Its enemies are  Jews, disbelievers, polytheists, idolaters, and pagans. Muslims are told to not have Christians or Jews as friends or protectors or Allah won’t protect you. Pastor O. M. taught about the history of Islam. (It has a history of idol-worship. Islam means “submission to Allah”.) He also taught about Muhammad’s character which was a life of death of people close to him, demonic revelations, sexual exploits- married his daughter-in-law, a 7 year old girl, had numerous concubines and prostitutes, used violence and wars, etc. He defended his “mistakes” by saying that Allah told him that he should them. Muslims are not allowed to criticize the Koran, Allah, or Muhammad. The Islamic men may have multiple wives, molest children, treat women as slaves, and have sex with young girls. They use violence against people to keep them “quiet”.