Encountering Islam Part 3

Saturday October 6, 2012

Islam wants to destroy America, because they see it as a target of the Christian faith. It is a lie to think they are worshiping the same God as we do. Allah is not our God. How is Christianity different from other religions? 1- God reveals Himself to humanity through His Word, so we can know Him; other religions: search for God through torture and pilgrimages; they have no assurance of their eternity. 2- The Bible is inspired by God so we can trust it. (2 Tim. 3:16; 2 Peter 1:21; Heb. 1:1); the Koran was only given to Muhammad, and he was illiterate, confused, demon-possessed at times; the Koran has no authority- someone had burned portions of it. Muslims give offerings every day, whether they have much money or not. They are given money, etc. to convert the world. Christians need to teach their children the Scriptures and discuss its stories and to give our money for the gospel.