Encountering Islam Part 1- A King Without a Kingdom

Friday October 5, 2012

The purpose of these meetings is to make us aware of what to pray. Missions are our focus in looking at the Islamic nations and the Muslims. In Matt. 26:48-54 Jesus let us know that there is a spiritual realm. In John 18:33-37 we learn that the kingdom of God is different from earthly governments/kingdoms. Both the Jewish and Islamic world had the spiritual and political arenas intertwined. Jesus told us that His kingdom was not of this world. America became a missionary sending-out country, but with it came pride. We need to look at Muslims as human beings who are lost. In 2 Kings 6:8-16 fear was an issue then, and it’s an issue now. We need to see in the Spirit; there are more with us than with them. DO NOT FEAR. This isn’t a war of religions: there are only two kingdoms- God’s and Satan’s. We need to introduce people to Christ. First John 4:1 warns us to not believe every spirit, but to test them, because there are many false prophets.  Every spirit has to be able to say that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh- IN OUR HUMAN FLESH. Other religions do not believe that God can live in a person. This is the starting point of the gospel: Jesus, the Greater One, lives in us!