Encountering Islam Part 6

Saturday October 6, 2012

Pastor Panicker continued to teach about the history of Islam and Muhammad. After Muhammad died, several successors were assassinated, and then the caliph who was from Syria, assassinated more people and there became two groups of Muslims: the Shi’ ahs and the Sunni Muslims. Wars followed and people, including weak Christians, were converted by fear with each conquest. Constantinople fell to the Muslims. They encouraged slavery, polygamy, and degradation of women. Their barbarous treatment of Christians led to the Crusades. He explained the  worship of Allah and Hubal. He taught what the Qur’ an teaches about Allah: Allah is the most tricky one; he is the best of plotters; he prefers some above others; he gives wealth and sustenance to whom he wills; he guides whom he wills; he punishes and forgives whom he wills; he will fill hell with jinns (demonic spirits) and mankind together; he leads astray whom he wills. Love is the greatest power to reach them. Don’t get into fear, and don’t go after them alone. Violence in the Islamic nations is leading to the United States of Islam. Democracy can never exist with Islam.