Encountering Islam Part 5

Saturday October 6, 2012

Confronting Islam is a mission aspect, to reach them for Christ. It is increasing greatly by population and American conversions to Islam (after 9-11). Many of the Muslims live in cities and are blacks in prisons. Even youths who were raised in Christian homes are converting. We need to pray and be prepared. Pastor Dale read from a book, The Islamic Anti-Christ, by Joel Richardson. They believe in Allah, prophets, scripture, end times, angels. Islam is enforced and spread by blood and the sword. All Muslims must believe in their own end-times beliefs. The flying of the black flag is an emblem of the coming of their messiah. Satan turns truth around. The Muslims believe that Satan will come and defeat Jesus. Allah is not God. We pray in the name of Jesus. The Muslims believe that Jesus will return and will defer to the Muslim messiah (Madhi) and will make a peace accord with Israel for seven years. Pastor Dale believes that the Anti-Christ will be a Muslim.