Delegated Authority

Sunday June 26, 2011

Offering Message: Mark 10:17-26. The rich young ruler came to Jesus with questions. Jesus loved the man. He is always against lack and need, and He was pointing out to the man that he was lacking something. The man was distracted by materialism, but he was held back by what he was lacking. What is holding you back? Pastor Dale shares how a thought of not being able to move to Moscow because someone had just blessed him with beautiful bookshelves in his office. The disciples must have had money, because they questioned who could be saved if it’s difficult for those who trust in riches to be saved. The call of God on your life is greater than anything you possess. There is no man who has left, not given, houses, etc., who won’t receive a blessing. Every quality decision you make qualifies you for a blessing. With persecution means that Satan doesn’t like you getting blessed, and he will try to steal your joy and peace. Don’t back off. Hold to God’s standard. Robert Cox shared a testimony of God’s healing power; Jay and Kim Stoltzfus were anointed as pastors, and a word of encouragement was given about the CWI church. Sermon message: Matt. 8:5-13 tells of Jesus’ healing the centurion’s servant. Jesus used His faith in the Word. Speak the Word only. You’ll never have more authority than you’re under. The centurion understood authority, but it was his faith that Jesus commented about. We do and are expected to obey what He has told us to do. Pastor Dale tells about his giving a gift to a man he had a rift with. He did it in obedience to God when his wife was in the hospital after the birth of their first child. Her condition changed as a result of his obedience. Luke 8:49, 50 says to believe only. Matt. 8 indicates that the Roman centurion begged Jesus, but Luke’s account in chapter 7 verses 1 to 10 says it was the elders of the Jews who came to Jesus. The centurion was not worthy to come to Jesus, so the centurion had delegated the power to the Jewish elders. When we say, “Be healed in Jesus’ name”, it is really Jesus saying it. In 2 Cor. 5:17-21 we learn that we are new creations, that old things have passed away, and that we have the ministry of reconciliation. We are ambassadors for Christ. Receive from God in spite of the messenger. The message you bring changes people. Don’t let the Word slip. The message is more important that the messenger. Is. 55:8-11 God’s thoughts are not our thoughts. His Word shall prosper. Think and act in God’s ways and thoughts. When you speak His Word, you are His delegate.