Safe and Secure – Do Not Ignore God’s Warnings

Sunday December 7, 2014

We are self-deceived if we think we are doing our part of Psalm 91 and 4:8 just because we know that we should be trusting God, but we are not really doing it. There are hundreds of phobias. One spirit of fear invites in other spirits of fear. We can be self-deceived by fear. Fear paralyzes. Shut the door to fear by speaking to it with authority in the name of Jesus and rebuke it. It is NOT okay to let any fear in, because God cannot protect you if you do. Psalm 31:2 tells us that God leads and guides us. Pastor Syd told of the time that Jen’s father was piloting his plane with eight people on board. The front landing wheel was locked in at a 45 degree angle. He trusted God and saw His miraculous help. To not get in Satan’s net, be led by God. He warns us (Proverbs 27:12). Do not override or ignore His warnings. Pastor related about a time he did not heed the inward witness of the Holy Spirit and was in an accident. An accident does not always mean that someone is in disobedience or in sin. God will give warnings, so pay attention. In Acts 27:9-31 Paul perceived that the voyage he was going on was going to encounter disaster, but no one would heed his warnings. Sometimes you do not have any input into decisions that can lead to dangerous places. Even so, like Paul, if you walk with God through it, He will give favor to you and even to those with you. Jeroboam willfully ignored God’s warning, and the man who delivered the warning God clearly gave him also ignored God’s warning. The latter man trusted in man, overriding what God told him to do and ended up being killed by a lion. How do you know if you are in fear or if God is warning you? Pastor Syd shared an experience of sensing fear about boarding a plane. He went to a bathroom to get alone with God to ask Him about it. He started to have peace, so he knew it was okay to get on the plane. If you are not sure, get into God’s presence, because the spirit of fear will not be there. Train your spirit to be alert to God’s Spirit.