Sunday December 27, 2015

Ephesians 6:10-13. Our root nature is to win and conquer. We are victorious. Be strong in the Lord, and do not be afraid of weakness or trial. The wiles of the devil are the strategies behind the events. Follow God’s plan and destroy the devils. Satan hates you and your family. You do not wrestle with a helmet, shield, and sword. Paul is talking about standing. You will never have victory over Satan by wrestling. The battle is the Lord’s, and the victory is mine. Stand in what Jesus has provided so that you may be able to withstand in the evil day. This is an evil day for Ukraine. A couple years ago the Lord told Apostle Dale to run as fast as you can and preach as much as you can. Now he knows why: so he could stand in the evil day. Realize the season you are in, whether it is a time of resting or learning or whatever. Any time of preparation is not wasted time. You withstand. Recognize God is preparing you so you can withstand in the evil day. He will prepare you for loss or trial, so that you do not fall. Stand for the integrity of the Word and do not compromise. What are the principles before standing? Have we done all to stand? #1 Make sure there is no wall, no sin between you and God. Check if things are right with you and God and your brothers and sisters. If not, get your relationships right. Matthew 25 tells us to get our relationships right with our brothers and sisters before worshiping God. A broken relationship will allow the evil one to win. The devil cannot steal what you are willing to give. Strife is the biggest hindrance to your standing. Repent. Cut off strife and ask God to pardon you. Forgive the other person in the name of Jesus. #2 When there is a problem, give something away. For every need, there is a seed. You are a pipeline of God. God wants to flow through you, so give. Apostle Dale told of how he was blessed by taking a hitchhiker in the other direction when his gas tank was on empty. #3 Check on your monitors, your spiritual warning gauges. What are they? They are peace and joy. Let peace be your umpire. Ask “why?” when you lose your peace. Let peace rule and guide you. The joy of the Lord is your strength. Depression is a sin and is selfish. Concentrating on yourself is looking for happiness, not joy. You get joy in the presence of God. Joy keeps you going. You must express joy.