Safe and Secure – Power and Authroity – Dec 20

Saturday December 20, 2014

Texts: Psalm 4:8; Psalm 91. Even if your flesh is shaking when you are afraid, your heart should not be afraid (Psalm 27:1). We have spiritual authority over things that want to kill, steal, and destroy (Psalm 91:13). If you submit to God, you can resist the devil, and he will flee from you. We can stump on the enemy. In Luke 9:1 and 2 Jesus gave the disciples power and authority over all demons and to cure diseases. In Luke 10: 1, 9, and 17 He sent out 70 disciples with authority over sickness, and they came back amazed that demons were subject to them because they had authority in Jesus’ name. Lions, serpents, and scorpions represent spiritual enemies. Jesus gave power in His name over things that are spiritual and natural (Mark 16:15-18). Satan tempted Jesus by using the Word that he knew Jesus knew (Luke 4). We must rightly divide the Word and ask how a verse matches with other Scriptures. Do not tempt God by putting yourself in a dangerous situation. Jesus’ word to the disciples was that they would go to the other side of the lake (Luke 8:22-25). If you are operating in the will of God, you can apply the power and authority of the name of Jesus Christ. It is only when you are submitted to Jesus that you have power and authority. You can be bold if you are where you are supposed to be. God will bring you the whole way (Psalm 91:13-16). If you are not where you need to be, repent. Then you will have long life. The Lord watches over His Word to perform it.