Faith – The Word of God is Alive

Saturday December 21, 2013

Texts: Psalm 107:20; John 6:63; Hebrews 4:12, 1, 2. The Spirit gives life, and the words that God speaks to us are life. His Word is living, active, powerful, and sharp. The Word of God gets into the heart of man and divides spirit and soul. You can find out who you are based on the Word of God. If you try to figure out your past, you will not live up to the glory of your future. Speaking the Word to people can change their lives. (Listen as Pastor Dale shares various testimonies of this truth.) You do not want to miss one promise God has for you. The Word has to be mixed with faith. God is sovereign (all-powerful). You can be bold if you know you are right (Philippians 1:20-24), and if you’re wrong, be bold to change. Choose life. Mix faith with what you hear. Choose to live. Choose to prosper. Choose to have a good marriage. Choose not to fear. Mark 4:14-15 tells us that the Word is seed, and the devil comes to steal the Word right after you hear and receive it. Why? He does not want you to get truth, because the Word is your answer. Endure and do not let go of your faith. The Gospel should benefit you.