Wednesday July 20, 2016


Pre-sermon notes: There is a spirit of man, and the inspiration of the Almighty gives him understanding. We have authority to bind and loose and have the spirit of seeing and of knowledge. Why was it necessary for not one bone of Jesus’ body to be broken? 1) Jesus had to be fully dead when the Roman soldiers checked Him. 2) It would have violated the Word. 3) The Word had to be fully fulfilled.

Sermon: Contentment in the Spirit is not wanting anything but God. Seek God first, and then other things will be added to you. The lack of contentment in the body of Christ gives Satan a great opening into our lives. God wants our lives full and joyful. Unforgiveness and sin are other doors for Satan, but discontentment is a big one. Discontentment is unrest, apathy, a loss of passion for God, an unbalanced focus, and a critical, judgmental, and fault-finding spirit. Let God inspire (being God-breathed) and teach you. Enjoy Him. Proverbs 11:1 tells about the abomination of false balances. Contentment affects everything in you, such as your attitude. Do not look to the world for confirmation. Balance is very important. Learn how to combine the spiritual and the natural. Adam was operating in both the spiritual and natural realms simultaneously. There is redemption for animals. They were innocent in the curse brought on by Adam. Jesus is the last Adam, and He will redeem the creatures. Discontentment comes through people and situations to show you what you do not have. Contentment shows you what you do have. There is no such thing as blind faith. Walk by faith, seeing faith. Discontentment is a task-master and is ungrateful. It makes you a slave. Contentment is grateful and appreciative. Be spiritually-minded. Would to God that we had been content (Joshua 7:7). Possessions do not make you godly. Gaining is not godliness. Godliness with contentment is great gain (1 Timothy 6:1-6). Paul said that whatever state he was in, he was content (Philippians 4:11). It is not the things that you have that produce contentment. Possessions do not equal contentment. God is the source of our joy, not possessions. To be content is to be satisfied- sufficient, raise a barrier (archeo). Put up a barrier of contentment. Discontentment is self-serving and is about me. Our joy is because of God, and then we bring it to other people. Joy is spiritual. We cannot expect others to make us happy. Godly contentment serves God and others and brings you into the rest of God. Prepare your life for God. Jesus is your source (Philippians 4:19). Discontentment drives you to long for something else. Contentment keeps you on course and will ensure the growth and maturity of the fruit of the Spirit. God is our Shepherd, and He has already supplied all things. He daily loads us with good things (Psalm 68:19). He took the weight of sin, guilt, and darkness off of us. Now we can carry the weights of the benefits of God that lift us up. There is no lack in heaven. He is our provider (Matthew 6:9).