Confidence in Prayer

Wednesday August 3, 2011

Carlene shares a powerful testimony of God’s creative power in blessing and developing a baby in the womb. I John 5:14 and 15 tell us that we have the confidence in God that He hears us if we ask according to His will and knowing that He hears us, we have confidence that we will receive what we have asked for. We must pray according to the will of God, which is what the Bible says. People often pray like they’re playing Russian roulette. If a person prays, “If it’s Your will…” and the person being prayed for doesn’t get healed, for example, then the person praying can say that it wasn’t God’s will. Really, we can know that it’s God’s will, because Jesus came to bring healing to us. To say that it wasn’t God’s will, is unscriptural and full of pride. You need to know your rights and what the Bible says and what His promises are. God said, and He keeps His Word. In Mark 11:12-24 Jesus cursed the fig tree- not that it would die, but that no man would eat food from it forever. Pastor Dale told of a young girl speaking to the warts on her hands and how the warts disappeared. Speak blessings. In Mark 11:23 Jesus raised the stakes from speaking to the fig tree to speaking to the mountain. Your words will work for you. You’ll get what you say, not what you believe. What do you desire? Mark 11:24 says whatever you desire when you pray believe, you will have. Prayer will have power when you have a strong desire to see the answer. Pray for the people on your top 10 list. Dwight Miller shared a testimony about warts being removed by speaking to them.