Confession is the Law of Faith

Wednesday December 16, 2009

Mark 11:14-23.Your words change lives, so use your words to bless. The disciples heard Jesus’ confession to the fig tree. Jesus told the disciples that Lazarus was sleeping, not dead, because He was confessing the blessing. Have the faith of God, believing that what you say you will get. You are to believe in all that you say, so watch what you say. How can you have the faith of God? Rom. 4:16; call those things that be not as though they are. It’s NOT, call those that are as though they aren’t. The law of faith is never denial. Is. 55:8-10 God’s thoughts are not our thoughts and vice versa. He is never depressed, wondering what to do or how to pay the bills. Change how you are thinking. God’s Word will not return void, so speak His Word aloud to your circumstances and to yourself. Rom. 1:16 The gospel is the power of God to salvation. Peter walked on the water from one word from Jesus, “Come!” The boat didn’t sink, because Jesus said, “Let us pass over to the other side.” James 3:2-5. Learn to bridle your tongue. Where you are is because of your words. Speak in the right direction. Where are your words guiding you?