Communion, Offering, and Water Baptism

Sunday December 27, 2009

In I Cor. 11:23-33 Paul says that the Lord taught him about holy communion. Twice He said, “Do this in remembrance of Me.” To remember is connected with covenant, meaning claiming the benefits of covenant. We are to remember the covenant blessings. We know the covenant of God with man as sins being forgiven, but it is also healing for the body and deliverance. We take communion so that we are made holy. Giving our tithes and offerings is one way we worship God. He rebukes the devourer for our sakes. Rom. 6:2 says that we are dead to sin. When we’re born again, we aren’t fixed. We die, so that we can be born again as new creations. We are members one of another. We’re part of God’s covenant. Baptism started with the rite of passage. It is identification with the death of Christ. The baptismal pool symbolizes a tomb and death. The tomb then becomes a womb for a new birth.