Building on a Firm Foundation: Acting on the Word of God

Sunday August 21, 2011

Offering message: Poor economic conditions creates a cry in the hearts of the people. Cry out to save this nation and to bring deliverance. Sermon message: Matt. 7:24-28 tells us that: both men heard the Word of God from Jesus, both were building something, and both had the storms come. What you do determines who you are rather than what happens to you. Eph. 6 says to stand and that means, don’t back off, regardless of the time it takes. Faith without corresponding actions (works) is dead (James 2:17). Put your faith in the Lord and act on the Word by confessing and believing the Lordship of Jesus Christ and His resurrection. YOU CAN WALK ON THE PROMISE WHEN YOU REALIZE YOU DON’T HAVE ANYTHING ELSE. SOMETIMES THE POVERTY OF SPIRIT IS WHAT IT TAKES TO TAKE AWAY OUR STRENGTH IN OURSELVES, SO WE WILL DEPEND ON THE LORD.