Breakthrough to the Promises

Friday May 27, 2011

Neil Miers uses the example of Moses in Exodus 3:7-10 and chapter 5 to teach us what we may face when God gives us a promise. The enemy tries to get our eyes off the promises of God and onto our problems, but God wants to see us establish Kingdom principles. To get to the promise, we must break through the obstacles, strongholds, thoughts, and voices. Negativity and faithlessness, etc., are our prisons that we must break out of. Moses, like us, had to get the people out of oppression and into a place of liberty. BUT, the place of liberty is already inhabited. In order for God to get us in, there are things, such as inferiority and insecurity, that we need to get out. God takes us out of something to take us into something. God tells us what to do, but we must do them. Second Cor. 4:16-18 tells us that there is a war between our flesh and spirit. We are the ones who are to go and be carriers of the Gospel. Was Pharaoh impressed by Moses’ declaration about the Lord God? No, and when we share the Gospel, people may reject us, and we might not see the results we want right away either. God needs strong Christians. We are not building Satan’s kingdom, but God’s, and He sees us as His army. When you start pushing toward the promise, things often get worse. Every plague challenged the gods of Egypt. After plundering Egypt, they faced the Red Sea. Besides that, they realized they were being chased by the Egyptian army. What did Moses do? He looked to God and asked Him what He wanted him to do. Walk into what He told you to do so He can destroy your enemies. Give, invite people, share the Gospel. Pray for people’s needs and keep trusting God. Your greatest enemy is your flesh. You must break through the obstacles.