Benefits of Prayer

Wednesday August 4, 2010

Dwight Miller expounds on fellowship with God as being the reason God created us. An important part of knowing Him is the benefit of being led by His Spirit. Dwight shares experiences in which he depended on God to show him wisdom and knowledge of what to do and where to go. We can know God’s voice and be led by Him. John 10 and 11 tell of how the people (under Satan’s power) wanted to stone Jesus and how He escaped. Then Satan tried to lure Jesus back to the same place by Lazarus’s death, but Jesus, knowing God, waited three days to go to Lazarus. He was led by the Spirit of God, wasn’t “trapped”, and raised a dead man to life for God’s glory! Rom. 5:1 tells us that if we have peace with God, our struggle is not with Him. Rom. 5:8 says that God loved us when we were sinners. We don’t have the wrath of God because we have relationship with Him. That relationship can cause us to be led through and around the struggles. Be determined to hear God’s voice!