Believe and Receive Healing

Saturday January 21, 2017

[There was a tongue and interpretation given about the Holy Spirit in us.] Brian Wills: Salvation includes healing and wholeness. We can receive healing at any time, at any place. Isaiah 53:4-5 says that by Jesus’ stripes we are healed. Here are three things about healing: 1) God can. Jesus is the Healer. 2) God did. Isaiah 53 says He purchased our salvation. Healing is a promise and a purchase. Healing and salvation are one. We can receive what He already purchased for us. 3) God will heal, because He already did it. It is harder to conquer something you have (sickness and disease) than to receive something you already have (healing). Receive your healing. Brian told of a man who was to minister healing when he did not believe in Jesus as Healer. He ministered to a woman without legs, and the next day she came in walking on legs. God said that in His mind, He saw her with legs. Someone on earth was needed to make a declaration about it. Luke 13:10 is about the woman who was loosed from an eighteen year infirmity. She was a covenant woman. When Jesus ministered, most people were healed or saw miracles, rather than receiving a recovery. Brian told of a Penn State young man who had a metal rod in his leg as a result of being crushed in an accident. Brian ministered to him, and he ran out of the wheelchair. He had new bones and no metal when the doctors checked him out. When Brian was dying of cancer, people from his church drove hours to see him, gasped upon seeing him, and turned around and went home. BUT GOD! We believe in what God is able to do. Brian made a promise of consecration to God to do whatever He wanted him to do, if He would get him healed and out of the hospital. God told him that his healing would manifest as he did the steps God told him to do. He realized that the Holy Spirit is a real person. He is our helper. We can call on Him, and He is there to lead us out of sickness into health. He carries out the Word of God. Kenneth Hagin read Mark 11:23 when he had an incurable blood disease and believed and acted on the truth that he was healed by the stripes of Jesus Christ. God does what you cannot do. He lives inside of you and comes upon you to change you. Receive your healing through the Word and the Holy Spirit. Characteristics of healing are: 1) a seed (truth), 2) a revelation (He will show you something.), and 3) action. Faith is an action. When Brian was dying, one of the steps God told him to take was a victory lap. He walked around the “death” floor of the hospital with his hands raised, praising God, and speaking the Word. The nurses and psychiatrists thought he was crazy. The enemy (Satan) tries to make you feel inadequate, but healing is based on Jesus, not you. Take yourself out of the way.