Being Confident in This

Sunday March 27, 2011

Offering message: I Kings 17:8-13 God commanded the widow to provide for Elijah, but God did not tell her. She had nothing, but Elijah told her to make him some food. God didn’t fill the jar from the top but from the bottom. When you need a miracle in your finances, you can’t be soft, but bold. You can’t walk in fear and blessing at the same time. You can’t deal with cancer with fear. Fear not! Facing lack? FEAR NOT! Put God first- regardless. Abundance is laid up in heaven. Phil. 1:6 Being confident in this that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it (perform it) until the day of Jesus Christ. Pastor Dale relates about a person his wife knew who was living a life of sin and how God touched and saved him in the middle of that lifestyle. Your prayers will take care of the one you are praying for. Our strength and confidence are in Him, not in ourselves. What can we be confident in and about? 1) We can be confident that God has begun something good in you. Christ’s work is finished, but the work in us isn’t finished until we’re resurrected. What is God doing in you? Regardless of what is happening, God has started something in you. It’s like walking out to the end of the high dive with no chance of getting down the ladder again. He is concerned about your heart. Pastor Dale told of how his father-in-law was convicted in a bar and had to be saved and again how God healed his leg of gangrene. When you minister to others, remember that God has started a good work in the other person and understand that it’s a process. In other words, encourage them. 2) Be confident that He is the one doing the work. Cooperate with God. What is He doing in your heart? What is He teaching you? Pastor Dale told how the Lord dealt with him and vice versa concerning his books and albums. God is still dealing with you today. 3) Be confident that He is still working and continuing to work in you. Rom. 12:1, 2. Christ died and it was over, but the crucificion of the believer is that of a living sacrifice. Your confidence is not in yourself, but in God. Bob Hawk and Maria Krothe shared how God took each one of them through a process of being a living sacrifice.