Sunday October 18, 2009

Matt. 8:5-13 (Jesus and the Centurion). Some things are not covered by believing, and some things are not covered by prayer. You may have to speak or do something (heal the sick) with authority instead of praying for the person. The name of Jesus through faith in His name made the man well. You need to believe in the authority to use His name. You represent Jesus fully, regardless of how close you are to the pastor. Do not pamper, accommodate, and use sickness! Matthew’s version of the centurion’s servant’s healing is from the Jewish standpoint. The Roman centurion was saying that Jesus was a higher authority than him and that He could speak the word only and his servant would be healed. He said he wasn’t worthy to have Jesus come under his roof. Jesus is our “roof”- protection, our realm of power and authority. We need to put faith in His authority, that we are under His “roof”. In Luke 7:2-10 the centurion sent elders to Jesus, and they told Him that he was not worthy because he was a Gentile, and he was giving Jesus respect, because by rabbinical law the Gentile does not fellowship with the Jew. The Jews understood authority. Luke’s version was written to the Gentiles. Luke’s account says that the Centurion sent a group of elders to contact Jesus, which is showing delegated authority. When we say, “In Jesus’ name be healed”, it is really Jesus speaking. God does not want us to be independent. He wants us to be in unity with each of us keeping his/her own unique expression. You must submit to God and walk in love for John 10:10 and James 4:7 to work for you. “Agreement” is like a symphony where you maintain your uniqueness. Eph. 1:3 tells us that Jesus blessed us, meaning the body, with every spiritual blessing. Pastor Dale tells the story of the water buffalo calf, lions, a crocodile, and the herd (on YouTube) and also about a unique man named Ron Con. Satan can devour you more easily if you are not connected with the Body.