Authority to Speak to Your Situation

Sunday December 15, 2019

Apostle Dale Armstrong Psalms 27:13Mark 1:15-22, the good news about Jesus Christ. The truth escapes us. The first step is to stop believing the bad news. You do have authority. If you don’t know that you have authority you don’t exercise it. Apostle Dale read out of Mark 1:24. Repentance is not I’m sorry. Repentance is turning away. The first thing you have to do is tell the devil to shut up. Apostle Dale read out of Mark 4:39 and Luke 17:5, learn to talk to your problem. Luke 4:38 and Matthew 16:21, you got to speak to the problem and not ignore it. There is more fight in you if you just stir yourself up. Thoughts are the most difficult because it takes energy. You are the master of your thought life. Quit inviting the devil and being passive.