Aug 20

Sunday August 20, 2017

Apostle Dale Armstrong speaks out of Psalm 91 and talks about secrets, under valued or misunderstood. Apostle Dale shares a story about a gentleman who had been a billionaire who no education. He thought to himself that it was unbelievable and was not condescending the gentleman, but it was a reproach to himself of how low we aim. Apostle Dale also mentions about how little we believe of the things that are possible in our lives. Even when we hear testimonies of what God is doing in our lives. If we are not careful we turn people off. It’s almost too high, too far removed, or too incredible.God wants to bring us up and sometimes we have to go a little bit slowly. It ‘s the Sheppard’s job to not drive the sheep, but to go with the sheep. Apostle Dale encourages us that God wants to do great things in our lives. That what He had once done before He’ll do it again. Apostle Dale mentions the verse in Ephesians is what the Lord had dealt with him about. God’s power is exceedingly great, which Apostle Dale had translated that improperly. Exceedingly great meant to him very great. Although exceedingly means greater than the last time. It has to be something more profound than the last time. Apostle Dale continues to read out of Psalm 91 and mentions in verse one that the secret place is where we can live with God.

Apostle Dale shared a story about when he was working with an assistant who had been unsure of Apostle Dale and wondered how he accomplished things and pondered on what his secret was. The assistant had become very depressed in result of having fruitless meetings and had no clue as to what Apostle Dale was going to do. The assistant was clueless and was not in on the secret. Apostle Dale mentioned that when you are not in on the secret it becomes irritating. Apostle Dale had used a description of a mosquito worry and about how sometimes they can get through the net. He had dealt with that mosquito worry and had praised God. Apostle Dale asked the Lord, “What about that what are we going to do?” The Lord responded with, “Don’t you know there are always things that you don’t know”.

Apostle Dale had an encounter with a woman who was a widower of a very well known congressman. Him and his assistant went and had a meeting with this woman. By the end of the meeting everything they had needed accomplished got done. The assistant still unsure of what Apostle Dale does, continued to see more and more of how God moves. God wants you to prosper. As parents you want your children to prosper.

Looking at Matthew 6, Apostle Dale talks about the secrets of prosperity.  The first verse talks about taking heed, meaning to be warned or pay attention. You do not do things to be seen because you would loose your reward. Our Father wants to reward you. Give to get is life and there is always an exchange. Live in the secret place so that the blessing of God pours out on us to be able to give.

Apostle Dale talks about a pistol he owns and how valuable it is to him. It had belonged to his grandfather and to him that pistol is sentimental and has more value then a real pistol. Apostle Dale mentions that God wants to be the one to take care of us. He wants to be the author of our blessing.

Apostle Dale shares the story about a woman of God who had a message for him from the Lord. At that point and time he was being interviewed and was reporting news. The woman who had a message for Apostle Dale told him that the Lord said to stop being negative and that he needed to learn how to speak because he will be the senator someday. He had received the message and thanked the woman.

Apostle Dale goes on sharing about how people say that prosperity preachers are greedy. “How can you be greedy, if your goal is to give it away?” Apostle Dale mentioned that he wants to be the pipeline and that he wants to be the conduit of God’s blessing. He also mentions that the more that he gives away, the more he is blessed with. It becomes exceedingly great because God trust him and gives him more to bless with. Matthew 6:21, where your treasure is that is where your heart will be. Apostle Dale mentioned that he had learned from Oral Roberts that he could change the direction of his heart with his checkbook. He shared with the congregation that he did have a stinginess when he was a teenager and mentioned that it comes from having a view of limited resources. He learned from Roberts that you can break the nicotine or alcohol habit if you start penalizing yourself. Put back into the Kingdom of God. Eventually, your heart would begin to cry when you put money into good things that you would start to enjoy it. You start to put a constraint on your heart by the use of your money. The pleasures of life and the pleasures of sin that are pleasurable for a season are generally expensive. You can direct your own heart by putting the money of your life out there into the Kingdom of God. Apostle Dale talked about how not only ten percent of our finances belong to God that all of it belongs to God. God just wants us to sow ten percent of if back into the Kingdom and the other ninety percent for us to be responsible for. Our hearts are involved with the perception of money.
Luke 21. This will work as you walk along side with God when you go to pay off a car loan, a student loan, or a house. He uses marriage for example. When you get married everything expands. Instead of getting a nice sports car you invest into a van. A woman who’s husband died and she had no money. She was not defeated in life. The widow was not a loser. The woman gave everything. Your money is not your seed. It is your faith that is your seed. When you don’t put your faith in behind your giving, you really aren’t giving any seed at all.

Apostle Dale gave a testimony of when God told him and his wife that they were to move to Moscow at the Landmark in 2000. So he had to sell their house and it got sold. He thanked God for the profit of the house, but the Lord said that the hundred fold returned has everything to do with sowing and reaping, but the hundred fold returned has nothing to do with giving. The hundred fold is tied up in your forsaking where your heart goes. Apostle Dale read out of Mark 10. He was going to go speak and was told to just give the message and have and alter call. He was not there to cause any problems. At that service the Lord had Apostle Dale call a man forth for healing of his arm. God can protect you, but you cannot protect Him.