Armada 2019 – Thursday session 4

Thursday June 20, 2019

Ordination Service

Apostle Dale Armstrong read from 1 Timothy 4. Take make a better minister we need a better Christian. Apostle Dale read from Numbers 27:15.You are the answer to someones prayers. Apostle Dale talked about Acts 13. Ordination for Kevin and Kelly Burrows took place.
Pastor Bob had a message:
The expansion has already taken place. Separation has already be done.
Preparation of the heart even the things that no one knows or understands.  The walk that you have walked. the language that you have used in the intimacy of your hearts. The communication and the level that flows from your lips one to another and then into my realm. Understand that i have heard the dept of your heart but, that heart has even been changed.  I have brought it to a new level of my love. My love will be released and you will see the restoration like you have never seen before. Restoration it will take place in the multitude of people. For the anointing that i have place on you this hour. There will be more there will be much much more. So, don’t don’t just sit there and be satisfied with where you are in the moment. Understand as you expect more I will show you more because you will draw closer than ever before. Apostle Dale prayed for Kevin and Kelly.
Pastor Hake:
Just keep walking out the present that present word and there will time where you question when will it be? The waiting corresponds with the walking out the present word. knowing you see glimpses of the future. Continue to walk it out. As you continue  it will be suddenly where you launch in the present word that is preparing you for the next thing.  Suddenly it shall be. In your walking it out you are waiting for the future word. You walk out that word there will be another and another. Looking back you will chuckle.
Pastor Dwight:
You were called before we knew you existed. The curtain gets pulled back . What occurs from here. You have gotten this far. Now trust the Lord the rest of the way.
Pastor Jen Ropp:
I just want to share how much love you. I think that God is amazed at your steadfastness and faithfulness.
Karen Burrows:
What I have love the most of sharing life with the two of you is how important the word of God has become. Any disagreement we bring up the word. Karen shared a word from Philippians.