Armada 2019 – Thursday session 1b

Thursday June 20, 2019

Prophetic Presbytery

Pastor Bob Hawk read out of James 1:12-16. God is incapable of being tempted by what is evil and He Himself tempts no one.  We got to be aware church, we need to be aware church. The wages of sin has not changed. Will you stand in the evil day? It is a choice and is a decision of the heart. We are heavenly beings and heavenly minded. Apostle Dale Armstrong had a message from the Lord for Pastor Bob. First law of intercession is identification, it is tied up in prayer. You are coming before the Lord on their behalf, Isaiah 59:21.  Pastor Pradeep Perera said he really needs to go to the toilet but, he doesn’t want to miss the moment. One of the things that the Lord is impression on his heart is, don’t miss the moment.  The Holy Spirit that is telling me this morning is saying that if there is anybody that has hurt you. The Spirit of the Lord is releasing you to forgive who or whatever it is. For whatever situation you have been through. The Holy Spirit is giving you the grace to forgive. We are called to bring salvation to this world. Why am I here, what is my purpose? This morning God wants us to reconcile with whoever it is. Let it go, let it go. Don’t hold it against anybody. We have a greater purpose. The Holy Spirit is here to release us. Great days ahead of us. The word for Sister Juwana, “The Lord show that your home is a blessing. You and your husband are so united together and he Lord is pleased with that. God is releasing you and David with an anointing. You have been faithful. You are seeing the fruitfulness of you lives. You are going to see the gifting of God in such a great way. Get ready! You are going to see a great inheritance. Your home is going to be a blessing to so many others.” Brother Jacob, you come to Landmark burdened. The power of God comes over you, you will go from glory to glory. You will not fail. Nothing will fall to the ground. Faith is rising on the inside of you. The Goliath is rising on the inside of you today.  Pastor Pradeep prayed for Apostle Dale. Pastor Bob sang Oh taste and see that the Lord is good.