Armada 2019 – Thursday session 1a

Thursday June 20, 2019

Prophetic Presbytery

Holy is the Lord. Sanctified and is meant for the Master’s use. Set apart just for Him. Privileged to carry His presence His power, His heart, and love. Yes privileged. Not a thing of pride but, a privilege. He favored you, His children. The gates of hell that had been trying to prevail. The things that you have been up against….What you see is subject to change. As we look not what our eyes see in the natural. But, we look at Him. The one who is and was and soon will come. How much sooner that we probably even can comprehend. Time is accelerating and time is very short. There will be a quick work done. He has chosen to do it through His body and through His people. Those who have come into intimacy with His heart. The lust, even the care and the worry and the flesh of the world. Loving not the things of this world but, taking the time in His presence with the  intimacy you release to Him. He will bring you to the depths of His heart to a greater degree that you have ever known. You’ve heard it said and preached many times, you drawn nigh and I will press in. I want you to see it in a different light. I want you to see it in your walk and in your action. Acknowledge me and I will start to direct your footstep in the details which many of you are calling out for. Between your years you get so busy and I have been set back on the shelf. You tell me that you would get back to prayer. That is not what I asked you to do. I ask you to pray always. I ask you to fellowship with me continually. It is not in and out anymore. It is abiding in me. Then you will ask and then you will see and experience the joy of what I will do. The reward belongs to you, for those who will stand in my presence and carry my presence because they don’t relate to any other presence. The presence of this world, of the evil, of strife, of bitterness, anger, and rage. There is no connection with Me in that. There ought not be any connection with you in that if you are to connect and represent Me. The correction comes and the chastisement becomes real and becomes tangible in the days that [are] ahead. I will sharpen you to be the arrow in My quiver. So, that when you are shot into assignment and destination you will hit the mark and not miss it anymore. This is the time for the aim of the target. To become the destination which your life will go and not be distracted. There was a season of where you could be many things but, this is not that. This the season where I have called you to stand in that office, in that anointing, that purpose,  and even in that grace in which I have equipped you for and with. The ministry of help will rise up and surround. You will become the magnetic force and draw the gifts out of them. So that their gifts will manifest so that they would understand their purpose.

David the Lord spoke to me about you. He said son I have made  you a pillar a pillar in the house of God, strength. I have equipped you to do things that you couldn’t do in the natural. You couldn’t even grasp what it would take to get the job done. There will be an opening of revelation and it will come when you put you hands to the tasks. You find the strength and grace that will be come real tangible to you. For the strength of the grace upon your life will make things stand where they use to fall and shaky. You see things to come. You will step through a threshold very soon. The mantle of that anointing will come upon you and you would become another man and people will look at you and say you’re different. It is called promotion in the Spirit. God can trust you to be a pillar of strength to those around you serving with humility and not ever wanting to assume or take credit for what’s done with you hands. The Lord is well pleased with you son.

Pastor Sydney

If I was John the Baptist I would say repent. There is a mind set that God wants to change within you, he wants to rearrange things in your life, your purpose , and your call. You are going to transfer the anointing that you carry upon many many others. A stirring of releasing that is needed on the hearts of human beings. I see promotion and when I speak to you I speak to your family. Let him know I am pleased with him. Let him know help is on its way because you are going to need it. There is an Apostolic anointing on you. To those of you that know that you have an apostolic anointing. I seen new works that don’t look like old ones. The works go beyond church, it goes into business and educational systems. Also schooling to help school people to help understand how to flow in and out of the work place. The stirring of God’s people where ministry will become life. The walls that contain  us can no longer contain us like they have in the past. For there is a release for what God is doing. He is stirring the hearts, gifting, and the passion in His people in this day and in this hour.This is a new hour and this is a new day.  It will cause them to reflect Jesus Christ. This is a new hour and a new day. There are things that are old but there is a new way of how things are to be done. Things that use to take years can no longer take years. There will not be that privilege given. So, put your mind into the perspective to what I anoint you to do will be done quickly through you. Don’t take the trouble, worry, and concern and think that you have to carry it. I have anointed you to establish it and to send it out like a baby would come in maturity. Send it out to hit the mark for what I have purposed it for. Many things have been held on too tight because of bondage to many. Not liberty and not growth. Responsibly is the key. To be responsible to be a doer and not just a hearer. Stop looking for them to do it and understand that I have called you to do it and to help others to see how it is done. Get out of the way the harvest is at hand. Brian when I look at you I see schools rising up, young men and women rising up. The anointing and the power that you carry will transfer.

Pastor Bob read from James 1:19, embrace the blessing with obedience to the word. Many prayer lives are confuse because they feel like they got to say more. Vein repetition is many words. Look at this word relieve. It means to accept it or receive. Meek is being very teachable. Be doers of the word. Faith has risen in many hearts hear. Hope is restored. The purpose of these meetings is to equip you. Without taking time you would become mechanical. It is time for fresh manna. It is time for the word to come alive today. I have bowls of miracles, bowls of healing, for you I am asking you to come to the table and sup with Me. Iron sharpens iron. This is not the time to be playing games. The word’s purpose is to do.  Daniel 11:32, exploit means a deed or action.

The temptations but you won’t give yourself to them