Answered Prayer?

Sunday March 10, 2019

Apostle Dale Armstrong read out of Luke 18:1. Faint means to cave in of faint. People generally can’t stay committed to something that doesn’t produce results. How often would you pray if you saw results and what would you be praying? Prayer should fill our lives. Apostle Dale read out of John 15:1. Prayer keeps you in tune. The answers to prayer is associated to bearing fruit. There is a differentiation between the written word and the spoken word. We are to have communion with the Lord. Gather direction from the Holy Spirit. Apostle Dale read from Philippians 4:6. Worry could be turned into a prayer request. If we don’t pray enough eventually we will cave. What happens to people when prayers are answered? 1). People want to pray more. 2). You want to be with people who pray. 3). Presence of two or three successful prayer warriors sparks a revival. 4). Tangible sense of God’s action in their life, John 15:4-75). A person’s prayers are answered consistently. If you do what you know to do, you’d be a whiz!