Activation for Action: Supernatural Living for Extraordinary Results

Wednesday January 13, 2010

II Tim. 1:6 and II Peter 1:12, 13 tell us that we need to be reminded to stir up the gift that’s in us. Dr. Kandole gives experiences and talks with us about stirring ourselves up to supernatural living for extraordinary results. What does God expect of us for all that we have received? The world needs what we have to give. We are the light to go into the darkness. GO AND PREACH THE GOSPEL! Talk about Jesus Christ and introduce Him as the Healer, Savior, and Deliverer. The lost will come if we stir up the anointing. Find one person to share what you have and begin to release what’s in you and signs will follow you. Mark 16:15 … Signs will follow you IF you activate them. You have the authority over the devil. You do not need an angel appearing to you, because you have the Bible and Jesus’ words which are as strong. Walk in His power.