A Supernatural Generation Unleashing the Great Big God Within

Wednesday April 21, 2010

How do we unleash the great big God within us? First of all, we must know that God is in us. We carry Him wherever we go. We need to unleash the healer to the sick, the provider to those in need. Dr. Kandole elaborates on many scriptures to show us who we are in Christ. We don’t need to ask God for power and revival. We must unleash His power and revival from within us. We must understand these five things from Acts chapters 1-4: 1) The resurrected Christ, 2) The irresistible promise of receiving power, 3) The power generation of being filled with the Holy Spirit, 4) The empowered believer, and 5) The unstoppable spiritual force that causes riots. revival, and/or revolution. He led us in praying for one another and charged us to go out and unleash the big God that’s in us.