A Step At a Time

Saturday September 26, 2009

Glenn continues to tell the testimony of God’s goodness as he went from working for the Allentown State Hospital to Manheim where he had a studio in his basement and worked for Graybill’s Dairy. Then he started slide shows with music, and after displaying his artwork at the Manheim farm show, he had so many orders to do painting of farms that eventually he had to quit his dairy job. He kept increasing projectors for the slide shows and went over the country and into Canada with it. The Lord asked him if he wanted to live like that for the rest of his life? The change was to have the people come to the show instead. Thirty thousand people came to LBC during 10 weeks to see his slide shows with 15 projectors. Then he bought 3 acres for Living Waters. At the same time he was preaching and leading his church, doing portraits, wedding pictures, and slide shows. He shares the miracles God did financially in each step. He left the pastorate and after two men gave him confirmation, he bought the 55 acres that Sight and Sound are on. He tells of a miracle of finding an “ocean” of water for the entertainment center, getting inspiration for Noah at the farm show, and the financial miracle that followed the devastating fire of the first Sight and Sound building. His wife, Shirley, reminded him that it was their calling, not just a ministry or a business, so they rebuilt. The day after she said that, he drew the plans for the Millennium Theater. Everything in his life is a testimony of God taking him a step higher.