A Man on the Wall

Wednesday September 7, 2011

Ezek. 22:30 God sought for a man who would make a wall and stand in the gap, but He found no one. In Gen. 18:17 God asked, “Shall I hide from Abraham what I am doing?” He didn’t ask if He should show him what He was doing, but whether He should hide it from him. The Lord did tell him, and Abraham stayed before the Lord (verse 22), and then he went near and asked God if He would spare the righteous (verse 23). He had intimacy with the Lord and fervency of heart as he negotiated for Lot’s family. Abraham was bold in front of God. We are righteous, and God is righteous. Just as Abraham had authority on earth because God gave it to men, so do we. Even with the righteous people, God called on His angels. Is. 59:15 In society he who departs from evil makes himself a prey. Doing the right thing costs you. It takes intercession. Is. 59:16 God wondered that there was no intercessor. Prayer opens the door for His authority to move. Is. 59:17 He (Jesus) was clad with zeal. Jesus is our intercessor. When God couldn’t find a man as intercessor, He sent Jesus as our intercessor. Rom. 8:26-28 tells us that the Holy Spirit also is our intercessor. God tells us that we don’t know what to pray for as we ought, and we don’t know how to pray. Sometimes words aren’t enough. Verse 28 (all things work together for good) only works because of verse 27. If you just believe 28, you’ll have to believe that it’s God’s will for people to go to hell. When you pray, a lot of times it’s not intercession; it’s just you praying your own prayer concerns. When you intercede, you’ll be praying for countries, etc. Rom. 8:31-34 tells us that God is for us, and He freely gives us all things. Jesus Christ is our intercessor. Pray in the Holy Spirit. (Pastor Dale shares how praying in the Holy Spirit changed his plans for a month-long ministry trip in Europe and Russia.) Sometimes it hurts to pray in the Spirit, because it brings up emotions and things in your past that caused a lot of pain. Praying in the Spirit can allow God to sort it out and help you to be delivered from the hurt and the scars, so you can experience inner healing. Rom. 8:37-39 We are more than conquerors. Nothing can separate us from the love of God. What can separate you from God? Your past. If you don’t deal with your past, it will keep you out of the love of God. Let go of it. To be intimate with God is a one-on-one experience. Draw near to God and get alone with Him.