A Foundation in the Word

Sunday July 10, 2011

Offering Message: Revivalists Finney, Moody, and Wesley all had people behind them financing them. In Luke 8:2, 3 we are told that certain women, such as Mary Magdalene, provided for Jesus’ ministry, out of appreciation and gratefulness for what He had done for them. Sermon message: Matt. 7:24-29 is the parable of the wise and foolish builders. The difference is that the wise man built on the rock (Jesus Christ) and the other built on the sand (things of the world). The storms of life came to both. There are seasons of the evil day. The foundation is the Word, which you not only need to have, but must use and apply. Sometimes you can follow others who are wise and just act like them until you gain experience and wisdom. Pastor Dale told of one of his elders who watched and learned from a veteran who had survived a previous beachhead attack, and he in turn survived five other beachheads. It’s hard to fight when you’re losing the battle, but when you have built on the Word foundation, you can have peace and confidence in the midst of the battle. Ps. 112 tells us to not be afraid of evil tidings. Grab the respect of others when they go through a battle. You not only should be in the Word, but you can delight in it. Make the Word a priority. Pastor Dale tells of his cousin who died three times and how the Lord reminded him to not be afraid of evil tidings and to not make haste, and he saw a miracle. Make sure the foundation of the Word is in you. Go where God is feeding you. Get the Word at any cost. Listen to and get the Word in you, and when you face a crisis, you won’t react. Preparation meets opportunity. You can be in the bubble of God’s grace in a time of horror. Eph. 6:13 tells us to take on the armor of God. Not every thought is safe. You can’t trust them, but you can trust the Word. The grace of God is eternal life. Double-up on the Word of God, and when things are easy and going smoothly don’t slack off.