Can You Prepared For a Storm?

Saturday April 30, 2022

Matthew 7:24 is about two foundations, one like a wise man and one a fool. The one like a wise man is the one who hears and does Jesus’ sayings, which is building on the rock. It is not always easy to do the wise thing, but act on what God says, or you will learn from the consequences of the experience. Learn from others in the Bible. A storm is coming. Prepare for it by building on God’s Word- for finances, healing, and your marriage. The Lord told Apostle Dale in 2020 to prepare for war. The storm should not have an effect on you. Matthew 7:26 tells of a fool knowing what to do but not doing it when the storm was coming. Do not fear. Our goal is heaven, so keep your eyes on Jesus. Until you do what God told you to do, you are in disobedience. Apostle Dale told two stories of his obedience in Ukraine, and how he built on the foundation by walking in love, obeying, and doing the gospel. Galatians 6:7 tells us not to be deceived. God wants us to stop the war by winning. Whatever a man sows that shall he also reap. Seedtime and harvest work for or against you. Whatever you sow, sow to the Spirit. You should approach opportunities willingly. (We support the Ukrainian pastors and believers.) People who mock God cannot stand. Learn from the cycle of generations and the principles of God. God’s Word works, so act on it and be wise (Psalm 12:1-6). God assists you when you head in the right direction. Apostle Dale told of a friend who went through five beachheads during WWII. He did what he saw a fellow veteran do by cutting off his heavy backpack during the landing. Get rid of the weights. Crucify the sin in your life. Sometimes it is about what you forsake, not what you get. Live by this: “Somebody’s gonna make it, and it’s gonna be me!”